Short Time with God This Morning

Father help me. I am a sinner and need Your grace. I want to guide and lead like You have guided and led me, but I am not perfect. I want results now. Please God let me have and show the patience, love, and grace that You have shown me. Please help me to keep my focus on You and Your will, not my own. I know our time lines don’t always match up, please Father, help me remember that. Help me to press on even when the Enemy makes it easy to quit and let it go. Help me to honor You and find my joy in every thing, whether I like those things or not.

In Your Son’s Holy Name,


Dan, your task is to honor Me, not change others. Even when my own Son didn’t like the task I had given Him, He asked for that task to be removed. When I refused, He went through with it and honored Me anyway. He honored Me. He made Himself an example, so that you can see it can be done. Luke 22:41-43 (NLT) Be patient, your heart change did not happen instantly, why should you expect someone else’s heart to change instantly. You are to trust me in all area’s of your life, I will work them for My good. James 5:9-11 (NLT) Be quick to forgive and slow to anger. Forgive others even if you are 100% in the right and they are 100% in the wrong. Don’t fight against their push back, it’s not your fight to have. Trust Me. Colossians 3:12-14 (NLT)

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