Short Time with God this Morning

Good Morning God. I come to You today with thanks for Your Son, Jesus Christ and Your Grace of the Holy Spirit. When I was at my lowest of lows, when I thought that I was so useless, despicable, unclean, and so unworthy of love, You loved me anyway. In spite of myself, You loved me. I was so sick of my past and sinful ways that I couldn’t even love myself, yet You loved me. How awesome You are God!

Father, please continue to transform me. Each day I hunger and thirst just a bit more to know and understand Your Will. I feel Your Love and Grace around me all the time, and I see signs of You everywhere I look, and this thrills me. To think that someone as horrible as I was, that committed the deplorable sins I committed, that someone who was so unworthy of love or redemption, was washed clean and filled with Your Love and Grace anyway; it is so humbling and remarkable.

At the same time God this scares the crap out of me. People are coming to me with questions that I don’t know if I have the “right” answers to. I pray, research, study and read Your Word, but I still am only a man. I seek counsel and cross-reference “my” interpretation of the message you want me to pass along, but I am still only a man. Father, please give me patience and discernment. I am confident that You have control of my life, for that I am grateful. When I controlled my life, well You know how that went.

I guess my prayer today God is that You lead me in Your Will. Fill my heart and mouth with Your thoughts. Make the answers I pass to my family and others Your desire for them, not mine. I understand that my “transformation” has been a process, and I don’t see that ending, and that is fine with me. I know I did not change overnight, the work You have done on me took time. Please help me remember that with my family. They are starting to seek You more frequently, through me. Please guide me to be the spiritual leader You desire me to be. Please give me patience to “wait” for them, like You “waited” for me.

Father God, please let me always be an example of Your Love, Patience, Mercy, and Forgiveness. If I can show these attributes to my family, You will be glorified, and their reward.

I Love You God!


The old Dan is gone, and has been made new. Stop thinking about that “old Dan”, I don’t. I knew you before you were born, and I know where you are going. I am so proud of you. People are coming to you because you look “different” to them than before. They are drawn to you, and they want to know “why”? Why is he different, what changed? Tell them. Tell them it was Me. Tell them that I have taken over your life and how that has effected you. Let them judge your heart for themselves, they will understand when they are supposed to understand. How long did I wait for you? Be patient with your family, the work I am doing on them, I am doing through you. It is important that you stay the course. Some will see and hear, how and why you are changing, and they themselves be transformed. Others will not. They are not your concern. Those that choose to dismiss or ignore you, those are My concern. (2 Corinthians 5:11-21), (Jeremiah 1:1-10) 

All things will come together in my time Dan and Love is the key. Love, Patience, Mercy, and Forgiveness are all part of the foundation that I will lift you all up from. Give all these things willingly and with joy, not just to your family, but to all you meet. This is My message Dan. (1 Corinthians 13:4-7)

I Love You Too.

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