Short Time with God this Morning

Good Morning God,

First thing, please forgive me my sins. I try hard to walk in Your Son’s footsteps, but fail daily. You know my heart Father and You know that sometimes my head over rules my heart and my words are hurtful. Please forgive me.

You know I struggle with some of the relationships in my life God, I ask that You give me strength and patience to keep my focus on You. If I can do that, then those relationships that test me will be easy. Loving fellow brothers and sisters is sometimes difficult for me, when I know they claim to be “in relationship” with You, but live otherwise. I am not judging God, as I know that is not my place. I am praying that You touch the hearts of those people in my life, that they will realize the error of their ways and turn to You. Father God, You know who I am praying for this morning. I know better than anyone that earthly pleasures and living for self, are fertile breeding grounds for the Enemy. I pray that You touch the heart of this person and help them to realize that You are all they need.

Lord, I am so blessed. Father You are doing amazing things in my life these day’s and I am grateful. Please Father, keep me humble and let all glory and success, rest on You. You are the source of my strength that keeps me going each day, and for that I thank You. Please continue to bless the mission that You have laid on my heart. This event being planned is to honor you Lord. I pray that the Love of Your Son, Jesus Christ, shine so brightly through this event, that just one person in this community accepts You as their Savior. That just one person realize the importance of being a “father” to their “child”. That just one person realizes that life without you, is an empty life. God I pray that it is Your Will to shine through this event. That the people of this community see the Love that You and Your Holy Spirit have placed in the hearts of our church. Father, thank You for the amazing people who You have surrounded me with for this event. Please continue to bless their lives, so that they can continue to worship and honor You.

God, there is so much suffering and pain going on in the lives of people I know. Pain of loss, expected loss, disease, and so much more. I pray this morning that You lay Your hand of healing over them. That they gain wisdom and insight that Your plan is bigger than they can see or comprehend. You have our whole lives planned out, even before we were born, and if we look to You, we can find joy even in pain and loss, as we know it is for Your Glory. We don’t have to be happy about the pain or loss, but we need to find joy and comfort in You. You will make ALL THINGS work for Your Glory.

Lastly God, I praise You for the convictions You have laid on my heart lately. I know the tests won’t be easy, and changes in our family lifestyle will need to happen. I pray that You lay Your hand of strength on not just me, but all the members of my family, so that through Your wisdom and understanding, we can do what is right in Your eyes.

Father, I pray these and so many prayers in my heart that you already know, in Your Son’s Holy Name; Jesus.


Good Morning Dan. You are carrying a heavy load, relax I will work all things for My glory. I have given you the job of Loving ALL My children, as you Love yourself. I did not say the job would be easy. (1 John 4: 7-21) Sometimes, your show of Love to others is all I need to change a heart. Keep making the efforts you make and doing what I tell you. You have seen evidence in your own life, that if you just “show up”, I will work wonders. Keep pressing on Dan. (Isaiah 58: 8-10) Also, don’t worry about your family. Keep firm in the convictions I put on your heart, and your family will fall in line. You are now the leader I have been grooming you to be in your household. Stay the course of bringing honor to Me in ALL aspects of your life, and your wife and children will see the power in that example. (2 Timothy 3: 14-17)  I am proud of you Dan, and the growth you are experiencing. (Mark 1:11) Keep your focus on me Dan and I will bless you more than you can imagine. Trust me, your needs will be met, and multiplied.                            (2 Corinthians 9: 8-15)

One thought on “Short Time with God this Morning

  1. Amen! A prayer for all of us: witness God’s love, pray and believe, keep our eyes on Jesus, embrace God molding us into the character of His Son and spend time in His presence, trusting and resting!

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