Short Time with God this Morning

Father, you know I’m never far from you, or at least, I try not to be. I talk to you every day, all day,  because I know I need you in my life. I am not worthy of the amazing blessings you give me, but sometimes I don’t understand. I don’t doubt like Thomas, I just struggle sometimes like Peter.

I know “your Grace is sufficient…”, but some days my human self strives for answers. I’ve seen “our walk together”. The one You should me about a year ago, and I know You have washed me clean. I don’t deserve that grace, so I thank You for that second chance. I know I was living a deplorable lifestyle, and for that I am completely repentant.

However, like Paul with the thorn in his side, I know You have given me this pain to make me weak, so You can be strong. I count that among my blessings. I also know that You have a plan, and as long as I keep “showing up”, through You, that plan will come to fruition.

Father, I pray tonight that You give me sleep. My head pain is off the charts this morning, and I am hurting physically and mentally. I need You tonight (or morning) to please surround me with Your Holy Spirit and give me rest.

I am sorry for my imperfections and sins, and beg for Your forgiveness.  I love and worship You, and thank You for my life. Without You I am nothing, with You, I have no limits.

In Your Son Jesus Holy Name,


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