Short Time with God this Morning

Father God, You have given me a bountiful life of which I am undeserving. Please forgive my sins and give me the strength I need to glorify You and avoid the Enemy with every step I take and every word I say.

You have blessed me with a strong spiritual family and for that I thank You. They love me unconditionally and don’t judge me for my past. They are quick to forgive my transgressions, and even quicker to celebrate even my smallest victories in You, Christ my Savior. You have given me a beautiful wife and two children that I pray everyday will be more like You, than me. I am flawed, where You are perfection.

You have just blessed us with a wonderful vacation in one of Your most beautiful creations, and for that I thank You. You have blessed us with safe passage in both directions and fed us beyond capacity, both physically and spiritually. Thank You God.

Please make my family patient and faithful as we begin a life of tithing, as it is for Your Glory. I know lifestyle changes will be needed, but I trust You to lead my family through them, to honor You. God, You are all-knowing of our needs and want’s. My prayer is that You help my family understand the difference, and bring us peace and contentment through that journey. In Jesus, Your Son’s Holy name.


Dan, the moment you accepted me as your Savior, you were forgiven. (Acts 5:30-32) Stop carrying the past like a burden. I will use your slips and stumbles as opportunities to bring others to Me. You were broken and I made you new. (Galatians 3:13-14) I, your Godly Father did that through Grace, not because you earned it, but because I Love you. (Ephesians 2:7-9) I made you perfect for the purpose I have for you Dan, trust Me and be patient. Let Me steer the ship, you just sit back and enjoy the ride. By keeping your focus on Me, your success is guaranteed. (Luke 12:30-32)

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