Short Time with God this Morning

Good Morning Father. Today I come begging forgiveness of sin. No matter how hard I try, I will never be perfect, and sometimes, that bothers me. I know my pride is my biggest downfall, and this week I have been tempted hard by Satan. When I think I have him beaten, he reminds me with tempt’s like, “…you know you can handle that” or “come on, I’ve seen you do even tougher things than that before, don’t be so weak, you can handle anything”.

Father God thank you for your gift of Grace. The “old” me used to give into those temptations every time. The “old” me strove for perfection no matter the cost to myself or others around me. The “old” me would say “If it’s not perfect, why bother trying”. Father, forgive me for allowing those thoughts the few moments of entertaining the “old” me. God, You have taught me that when I allow myself to be weak, is when You are the strongest. For that I praise You. (2 Corinthians:9)

Gracious and Loving King, You have given me the most amazing and loving people to help lift me up when I am feeling weak. They forgive my flaws and accept me for who I am. They remind me that You are the only thing that matters. I have nothing to prove to anyone, except my God. Then and only then, with truly heart filled loving actions, will I get Your Message out to those that need to hear it. I pray Father that You continue to fill me with the Holy Spirit, so that others may see You through my words and actions.

Lastly this morning Father, I give thanks to you for my family, specifically, my wife and children. Those three people give me Your strength, to do Your work, even when I feel I can’t go on. Father you know my heart and my thoughts before I do, make me a difference to someone today. Make me such a difference, that they may see You in all your Glory, when they look at me.


Dan, you know I will always have your back. (2 Corinthians 12:9) I will always fight your battles. You can trust me. (Matthew 16:23) I know that you are learning trust leads to Faith, and that pleases me. Continue trusting me with every thing and I will continue to give you more responsibilities. (Matthew 25:14-30)

The process of changing ones self is different in every person. For some it happens in an instant, for others, it happens over time. The important thing is that it happens. Either way, once a person is in the process they must remain in the process. A Relationship with Me, your most Holy Father, is what is important .(Romans 7:5-7)  Dan, I have surrounded you with my angles and they will always protect you. They will unleash My Spirit from within you at the just the right times. It is then that the Holy Spirit will be strong from within yourself, and you can do My Holy and Righteous Work. (Luke 24:28-35)

Your family is precious. Hold them close to your heart and pray for them constantly. The stronger you become in Me, the harder the enemy will attack them. Satan will try to use your wife and children to sway you away from Me. Resist these temptations. Be firm in the Lord, for he is good. (Malachi 2:15) You know Dan, that your family will listen to you more by your actions than by your tongue. So be wise in both speech and actions to ensure you are ALWAYS A REFLECTION OF THE KING! (1 John 2:17-19)

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