Modeling a Godly Life

Father, as the parent of a 10-year-old and a 14-year-old, I struggle to model the proper Godly and Christian behavior, especially since I grew up living a completely contradictory behavior for 40 some years. You Father, know the stories and the details of the despicable, filthy actions I have lived. Father, I want to share my story, but I don’t want to sound or appear boastful. I am ashamed and repulsed by my previous lifestyle and behavior. Father God, I pray that your Holy Spirit fills me with the discernment of how to convey verbally, the message of  a Godly Christian life. God through you, It is easier today for me to model a more appropriate Godly Christian behavior.  You know I don’t always get it right, but I try. and when I do get it wrong, I come straight to You for forgiveness. Only then am I clean enough to go back to those of whom I offended or wronged and apologize, and beg their forgiveness as well.

God, you have seen when my children or maybe some of the youth from church start asking me about the “issues” of the day. ISSUES THEY AS YOUTH are struggling with, that I have already lived. I struggle because I want to get Your proper message out, but I don’t want to sound boastful.  Father I pray for your discernment and wisdom when I struggle with the answer You have prepared for them. I want to tell them the easy answer, “because that’s not what Jesus want’s”. However, I worry I will come off sounding hypocritical, or like “every other adult” they have  encountered during their search and struggle to find You.

Father God, You know that the youth of today are very intelligent and manipulative. My heart’s desire is to fill them with Your Holy Spirit. I do not want to be planting Satan’s seed of temptation, and sometimes that becomes a difficult line for me to walk. Precious God, you have put me this week, with an amazing Godly family. Thank you Lord for this family that we are on vacation with this week. The wife has pointed out that I am a very animated, and a powerful “story-teller”, and that my words have power. I believe that You have placed her and I together so that she can help lead me, and I can grow in my pursuit of You. She suggested that I consider sharing the consequences that I faced and battled while I was living as my sin-filled old self. Through her God, I received the message that by sharing the “punishments & judgement’s”, or the “consequences” for my sinful behavior, I will carry have more impact, then by sharing the details of my old sinful self. Ultimately God, the goal is to model Christ-Like behavior. Revealing and telling my children and our youth of the consequences that I suffered for sinful my behavior, will have far more impact towards the ultimate goal,  of creating disciples for You.

More and more I am seeing “God-Sightings” everywhere I look. I praise you Father for your righteous guidance. You put me where and when I need to be to further seek your face. You have placed me with Godly mentors when I needed them most. Thank you and all glory and praise you King of kings.

I pray now God that you continue to move Your Holy Spirit all around and within me. Surround me with your Love and Perfect Will. My heart is open to You Lord and eager to learn and work for You. Please God lead me with patience and wisdom so that I may accomplish the work You have for me, in Your time, not mine.

Lastly Father, I pray that the first 13 years of my children’s life, where they were witness to a sin-filled parent, be washed but not forgotten from their minds, so that their heart’s can see the new creation that You Father God have transformed before their very own eyes. I pray Lord that both my children come to You and understand the dire importance and value it is to be a servant leader to the King.

My modeling  may not always be perfect Lord, but through Your Grace and Guidance, I know anything is possible. Thank you God for the blessings of my wife and children, of the strong Christian family You have placed us with this week, and for all the strong servant leaders You surround me with on a daily basis. You truly are the Lord Almighty, King of kings, and the most Loving and Gracious God I need.


Dan, I have been with you from the beginning. I have known you longer than the stars have known the moon. Your old sin-filled life is the blessing I have created in you, to touch very specific people. The details you have endured are not always as important as the lessons you have learned. Share that message I give you with everyone you can. Tell the world that I, the King of king’s, have transformed your heart. That is the story people need to hear.          (Jeremiah 1:4-7)

Go out into the world and glorify Me, your all-knowing and forgiving Father, of how I have cleansed you. Not all will understand, but the one’s I have chosen specifically for you, they will understand. Those children of Mine will be filled with the Holy Spirit and find their way Home. (Matthew 28:18-20)

As far as your children, youth, or anyone that seeks your guidance, make it clearer than the sun shining through the window behind you, that your surrender and submission to Me; your Father God, is the reason you are who you are. Make it understood that I, your King of king’s should be their focus. The false and deceitful promises of self-gratification the world is promising in nothing compared to the rewards I can provide for them. (Job 22:21-25) Make sure they understand that the short-term earthly self-gratification of this world they seek, is not worth the consequences they could receive here on earth. (James 4:1-10) Furthermore, should they give themselves over to Satan; and purse their earthly self-gratification, when I come again to sit in judgement, those earthly trials and punishments will be nothing compared to the trials and punishments that I, the Lord of lord’s will hand down. (Matthew 16:26-28) 

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