Never Stop Growing

Today, I am blessed to be on vacation at one of the most beautiful places in America. The Outer Banks. Now, although there are many beautiful places in America, the southern end of Hatteras Island is still relatively untouched by commercial America. There are no commercial businesses, the beaches are heavily protected and patrolled by the National Park Service to preserve the natural species habitats. Even the tourist community are all somehow “aware” of  the mentality to preserve the natural beauty of the area. Being here with my family and another Christian family for the short day and a half so far has been amazing.

Since my Father God started changing my heart, I have been fairly receptive and open to each step in this process. Sadly, one of my largest hurdles has been financial surrender. Additionally, as ironic as being on vacation is typically a non-financial saving adventure, I am having my eyes opened to the importance of total surrender to my Father’s will. If we are going to call ourselves “Christians”, “Saved”, or “Born Again”, we have to model that behavior in all areas or our lives. 

I have had “tithing” on my heart for some time. I have been denying God in this area for “whatever” and a “variety” of reasons. This last day and a half, God has put so many “God Sighting’s” in my face, for me to surrender this final area of my life, that I have realized I have no choice. I have to submit to God’s perfect will. This scares me!

Starting with the next pay period, when the direct deposit hits the bank, I will just chop 10% off of the deposit, login to the church website, and click the “donate button”. It’s so simple to do, but so difficult at the same time. I know based on the “lifestyle” WE (my family and I) have created for OURSELVES, that the first couple months will probably be difficult. Adjustments will have to be made. Not just for myself, and wife, but also for our children. However, I have faith and trust in my Savior, that our needs will be met. We (as a family) have been led by Satan to enjoy a life of entitlement. Tithing will take the those sins of entitlement off of our hearts. Tithing will force us into a more humble and gracious lifestyle. Tithing will finally allow God to do His work through us, and for us. I believe that by trusting God with our gifts and blessings, He will reward and bless us with even more gifts and blessings. If we realize that all God has given us is on loan and a gift to us, why should we deny Him, His humble request of 10%?

Modeling Godly behavior means in every aspect of our lives. If we give in and provide our children with their every whim being met, how is that modeling Godly behavior. Jesus didn’t live to fill His desires, He lived to meet the desires of others. Through open and honest discussion with our children, what our generous and gracious God expects of us, they can learn early how important it is to live Godly in EVERY aspect of their lives at a young age.

Teaching our children to deny themselves earthly desires is not a bad thing like society wants us to believe. Teaching our children to be humble, chaste, cheerful givers, followers, and even submitter’s, to Christ’s perfect will for us, will lead to even greater treasures than we can provide ourselves. We (Christian adults,youth, & children), regardless of our age, need to constantly stay in the Word. We need to constantly ask for forgiveness of our sins, and we need to constantly model Godly behavior in every aspect of our lives. If that means that we have to deny ourselves a few earthy “pleasures”, then how is that a bad thing? Humility and submission to the King is never a bad thing.

We need to never stop growing.

2 thoughts on “Never Stop Growing

  1. “True discipleship is radical and risk-taking, because true disciples rely on God to keep his promises to bless them, and not on their own instincts, plans, or insurance policies.

    It is hard to be truly brave without faith in God. The kind of bravery that does not arise out of faith in God is adventurism, or macho heroism, or plain cruelty. It can be rooted in insecurity, or a desperation to prove oneself, or hopelessness. Only faith-based bravery will walk the line between atrocities on the one side, and cowardice and ineffectiveness on the other.” –Tim Keller

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