Our God is an Awesome God

This week my son was at Lift4life Camp. This is a ministry dedicated to bringing today’s youth to the Lord.

Last Sunday, I had a discussion with my son, right before I sent him to camp on Monday, where he told me “he didn’t believe in God”. Where’s the proof?” Why should I have faith?” Some of my post’s over the last week were about these very things. My prayers and the prayers of many others were answered yesterday.

I sent my son a text to let him know I missed him and was proud of him for going to camp. He texted back …blah blah blah “can’t talk, in worship service” (I thought according to the schedule he would have been out of service by the time I texted). I went to Lift4life.com to watch the Live Stream as I had done a couple other times this week. I tuned in just as the founder of Lift4Life was on stage announcing names of youth that dedicated their lives to Christ during camp. The 3rd name he read was my son’s.

I broke down instantly in tears, hit my knees, and praised God. Our God is so amazing, so Powerful, so All Knowing, and so Generous, that He blesses us continually, in spite of ourselves. You don’t know my family, or the struggles we have endured prior to me surrendering to our Powerful Lord, but trust me when I say, my son turning his life over to Christ is HUGE!

If anyone who is reading this has any doubts or questions, please, please, contact me via this post. I will make arrangement’s for us to speak via phone, Skype, Face Time, however we need, to let you know how urgent it is that you surrender yourself to the Lord. He is so Generous and Powerful, that He can do amazing feats in your life, if you let Him.

As this blog unfolds and you start to see the pits of despair, the evil that I have done and seen, and where I have been risen from, all your doubts will be removed. There is no other way to explain how I am alive today. I, as a human being; like every one of us walking this earth today, we do not have the power to control our lives. I don’t care who you are, and what you think you’re capable of, you don’t have the power. Only God has the power to control your life and save you.

Our God is an Awesome God.


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