Short Time with God this Morning

Father God I pray that You work in not only my sons heart, but in the hearts of all the youth during “Lift Camp” this week. My earthly selfishness begs for special attention to my son. You know his heart and You know what he has been taught and seen. With my face in the dirt, I pray that You touch him and make a child of the King. He needs You Father. I learned the hard way that earthly fathers are imperfect examples, and no matter how hard I try, I cannot model perfect love to him like You can.

Bless all the leaders and counselors this week Father God as they meet their charges. Especially please help the one my son falls under with Your patience, words, wisdom, and discernment. Give them Your powers to help them reveal Yourself to my son. I know I am so unworthy of Your many blessings, but if I could only have one more, it would be that You “prove” to my son that he needs You. You have blessed me beyond my desires, now please save my son. I know You have a plan and it is perfect, so if Your plan is different from my prayer, please give me patience and discernment to continue to model You to him. He needs You God.

In your precious Son Jesus’ name.

You know what Dan, My plan for your son is perfect. Even if our timelines don’t line up, My plan, just like My love for your son, is perfect Trust me Dan. Put your trust in Me. (Psalm 51:12)

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