Short Time with God this Morning

Father God, thank You for my small group! You have blessed me with amazing men for two years in a row now that accept me in my rawest form, and Love me anyway. They help to hold me accountable when I slide into areas that I need to stay away from, and lift me up when I feel the earthly pressures driving my self-worth down. They remind me to keep looking to You, not to myself, because You Father God are what gives me value, not anything else.

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King of king’s, I can honestly say that without each and every one of  theses men, I would be lost. You have hand-picked men from all different walks of life and made them my brothers. Men so far beyond where on my own level of knowledge reaches, I would never approach. Men so handy with physical skills and abilities that are frightening to me, I would never approach. With the men You have provided me with these are true brothers that teach me, guide me, antagonize me, strengthen me, humble me, provide me with “endearing” and “loving” nicknames, and even mess with my things when given the chance. These are men that I had barely known at one point, and now I find it difficult to imagine life without them. Thank You God, my cup is overflowing with Christian Brotherly love. That is something I NEVER IMAGINED I WOULD HAVE. You Father are so powerful and strong, but equally gentle in love that You would offer me, a sinner, such blessings. You Father God, know the things I’ve done in my past, and yet through the sacrifice of Your Son, You saved, not only me, but others like me. He** God, You have saved sinners even worse than me.

Today my King, I ask forgiveness for all my sins, even the ones I’ve yet to commit today. Mostly though God I want to sing your praises. I want to shout with Joy about Your MIRACULOUS removal of the blood clots in my lungs, the strength You give me to go on in the face of constant pain, the value You provide me with in spite of the fact that by the social/secular world, I fail as a man. I praise You Lord for my AMAZING WIFE. She is my rock to lean on when I am weak, and for my two children God, who even as youth, remind me to stay focused on You when they see me looking away. I praise You Father for the discernment You have given my children to choose their friends from a Godly pool of similar children. I shout for joy for my earthly father, siblings, family, and in-laws, who have prayed and supported our family in whatever way they could during this difficult season of transition my family is enduring.

God, You have put me in a place of worship, an arena, that hungers to worship and honor You Lord. For that I am forever grateful. That “church family” is truly just “family” as far as I am concerned. They know that the “true” families of myself and my wife are not geographically readily available, and without warning, they show up with offerings that meet our needs of the moment. I know God that is Your work, and I praise You for it.

Lastly this morning Father, I just pray that You continue to humble me in Your Presence! All these people, gifts, miracles, those are all Your work given to me freely. I did nothing to earn them, and I certainly don’t deserve them. Please continue to make me humble to serve in Your name Lord, and bring blessings to others as You have had others, bring blessings to me.



Dan, you are my son and I am proud of you(Matthew 3:16-17). Continue to sing my praises and bless others and your cup will overflow with blessings. (1 Timothy 1:12-14) Be a good steward of the gifts I entrust you with, and watch how I multiply them.(Proverbs 28:20) You are young and ignorant in this walk Dan, but your desire to learn is powerful, and I will give you knowledge and power to withstand any test set against you.(James 1:12) Continue on your path Dan, I am holding and protecting you.(1 Peter 1:5-7)

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