Time Lines and Little “tiny cracks” in Relationship Foundations

I can’t speak for all married couples, but do you ever have an expectation of when something should happen and your spouse agrees that same something needs to happen, just your time lines don’t line up?

I’ll start with putting the dishes from the sink to the dishwasher.

From my point of view, four or five dishes in the sink aren’t going to make the dishwasher fill up any faster, the sink is still usable, what’s the problem? From my spouse’s point of view, why just leave them in the sink, how much longer does it really take to put them in the dishwasher anyway?

Now granted, this is a trivial and benign issue (or it should be), but for my discussion today, I think it is an issue that people in relationships can relate to, and deal with on a frequent basis. The answer here is compromise, easy. Either one of you quits short-cutting the work and puts the dishes in the dishwasher straight-away. Or, the other one gives a little and waits it out. The relationship should be strong enough on one hand; for one partner to respect the other enough to get the job done when expected; or on the other hand, for one partner to trust that the other waiting for enough dish’s to be worth the time to move them, will get the job done. Simple.

What I think ends up happening more times than not is that one partner builds resentment and a feeling of disrespect because the dishes are not put in the dishwasher right away, and just does the job. Or the other partner, who likes to wait, builds feelings of being unappreciated and not trusted to get the job done when they say they will do it. Either way this issue of time lines not matching up become little “tiny cracks” in an otherwise solid relationship foundation. The only way to prevent or repair these “tiny cracks” is for one person to set aside their agenda and lovingly trust the other.

With an earthly relationship (like your spouse) compromise and loving trust is easy because dialogue and reason are spoken and acted out on a daily basis. Logic and examples for either argument can be demonstrated and it is easy for one side to see the benefit or joy that is brought to the other side and make the compromise. The “tiny crack” is repaired, and again the relationship foundation is solid.

So now what happens to your relationship with God when your time lines don’t line up? God is not a physical person in front of you (at least He is not for me) that you can dialogue and reason with. He is not there in front of you were logic and physical examples can be demonstrated. How do you compromise with God to fix those “tiny cracks” in the relationship foundation? For me, I think you don’t compromise with God. You LOVINGLY TRUST God and make whatever compromise or change in yourself to meet His time line. God has taught us that He and His Will are Perfect. When was that last time you were perfect? At anything? Absolutely Perfect?

Time is subjective for most. It can move too fast for a child on summer vacation, and it can also move to slow for that same child waiting for summer vacation. As an adult, time seems to be speeding up for me. There are times when the time line I have prepared ends up not lining up. How is that right? Perhaps, as adults, we fill our days and our lives with so much “stuff” that we run out of time to quickly. Unfortunately for us on earth, whether we believe it or not, time is constant. An adult minute for me today is exactly the same amount, as a child minute was for me 40 years ago. How we use and spend this time is what has changed.

For God time is different, time is not linear like it is here on earth. I think time for God is Infinite Ability. God has the power to do whatever He wants, whenever He wants. It is on us to compromise and lovingly trust that God know’s what is best for us in our/His time. You see as we live out our days, we use our time either wisely or foolishly, as God watches. This is free will. However, because for God, time is not linear, he can take those wise or foolish moments we lived and use them for His Good. The only requirement for this relationship between God and us to work is for us to lovingly trust Him. Have you taken the time to pick up a Bible and read it lately. If you want a relationship with God, that is YOUR compromise to make. Our expectations of timing on things we need, want, or deserve are not always the same as God’s expectations. Like the earthly relationships we have, sometimes setting aside our agenda and letting God use us in His agenda/time, is the way we repair the “tiny cracks”

If our lives have become so busy that we can’t to take a few minutes and spend them with The One who breathed life into us, then how many “tiny cracks” do you think are in your relationship foundation with Christ? Are we so busy, is OUR TIME so precious and important to us that we can’t carve out a little for our King? The only next logical question is, if our time is so precious and important to us that we can’t be bothered to even attempt to compromise or repair the “tiny cracks”, how long before our relationship foundation with God crumbles?

The greatest thing about our God though is that no matter how many wise or foolish moments we have wasted. No matter how many “tiny” or even “huge” cracks we have created in our relationship foundation with Him, He can always repair them if YOU let HIM. Have you asked God how you can compromise and make Him happy today? Or have  you decided to take another ME day? Ask Father God, our King, to repair whatever size “cracks” you may have in your relationship foundation today. You will be surprised on how easy and willing He is, and how quickly He will repair and refresh you relationship with Him.

2 thoughts on “Time Lines and Little “tiny cracks” in Relationship Foundations

    1. Sure Creepy Longhair, easy to compromise in real life with an earthly partner. Have you noticed how well that works out for you with your Godly partner? There’s another saying… “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans”. And I have noticed that nothing rhymes with husband. However, I did notice that “Dan the man” does rhyme. Love you bro!


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