Short Time with God this Morning

Father, give me strength to be the leader you want me to be. First in my home, then in my community. I ache daily from injury and recovery from surgery; and with Donna away for work, the load of the kids, home, and everything that goes with them falls on me. Please God, be my strength today when I feel I can’t go any further. I pray this in your precious son’s name, Jesus.


Dan, you’re not here for you, you’re here for Me! Quit stressing and beating yourself down and relax. I will pull it all together when the time is right. You just keep showing up and using the gifts and abilities I gave you. Together we will do great things. (Isaiah 40:31)

2 thoughts on “Short Time with God this Morning

  1. Hey, Just thought I’d let you know I was praying for you today. God laid you on my heart and I’m praying for Healing, strength, blessing, all kinds of things for you and your family. You may not realize it, but you’re a blessing, as well as a mentor to quite a few folks. Hope things are getting better for ya.


    1. Thanks Kevin! Your prayers are appreciated and felt, and your comments humble me. I just hope that someone somewhere sees my story and realizes it is never to late to let God take control of your heart and life. Once that happens, anything is possible.

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