Short Time with God this Morning

God, please help me to be Your hands and feet in the world today. Please forgive my sins and cleanse me to make me new on a daily basis. I know that because of the Death and Rising of Your Son, Jesus Christ, I am given Grace. And because you are a merciful God and yearn for my success in You, You will forever forgive.

This “forever forgiveness” you provide is what make’s being a Christian possible. You understand that because of the sins of Adam and Eve, we (the Perfect Person made in Your image) threw away that opportunity. Although we disappoint You on a minute to minute basis, You continue to forgive. You continue to offer us the Grace of the Holy Spirit to continue to cleanse us and re-new us in Your image. A good friend of mine preached yesterday at our church and said “…God will always take us back. With courage, obedience, and faith, we all can Walk on Water!” God if we just keep our focus on You, anything is possible. Like Peter learned, as long as the focus is on Christ, even we can walk on water.

I pray Lord God that You continue to challenge me in faith. That You continue to make me question who I am and why I am. These questions force me to stop looking internally into myself for answers, and they force me to look up to You for answers. These questions force me to be a better husband, father, son, brother and friend. You understand God that when I pray for You to “God, please help me to be Your hands and feet in the world…” I am asking to be more like You every day. I want people who knew the “old” me to ask, what happened to you Dan? That will give me the opportunity to share my testimony of You. My testimony of how Your power makes my weakness strong and useful for Your Glory.

You, the all-powerful and living God who stepped down off Your lofty mountain, to offer a helping hand to me, an undeserving and unclean sinner. When I pray for You to “God, please help me to be Your hands and feet in the world…” I am asking that you help me to plant one seed in another person who NEEDS YOU IN THEIR LIFE. If my testimony can do that for You my King, then all my pain, trials, tribulations and struggles are worth it. Because, You my King, will have another child to call Your own. A child that You washed, cleansed, and forgave. A child to whom You offered the Grace of the Holy Spirit and they accepted. A child that I will get to call brother or sister one day.

I pray all this in Jesus’ name.


Yes Dan, I do continue to forgive you. If I didn’t, what kind of King would I be? (Psalm 130: 3-5) Being a leader or “King” doesn’t mean never leaving your lofty position. To be a good leader or King, you MUST lead by example. (Luke 22: 25-27)

And yes Dan, Adam and Eve did sin, but did I condemn them for all eternity? Or, did I justly punish them with consequences they were warned of, and still continue to Love them? (Genesis 3) You see Dan, the cool thing about the Holy Spirit is that once you get it, you’ve got it forever. (Psalm 51: 10-12) It is up to YOU to ask for that Grace and Forgiveness.  I gave that to you freely with the death of my only son Jesus. However; if you are not going to be an active participant in our relationship, how can we move forward? (Luke 11: 9-13)

I will continue to challenge your faith Dan, that is how I will make you a powerful soldier in My army. Just like the earthly military, your faith must be “trained”, the way the earthly soldiers train. (Ephesians 6: 10-19) Otherwise, how will you and all your Christian Brothers and Sisters be ready when My time comes.(Romans 12: 1-5) Continue to sow seeds in others Dan, I will take care of the rest. (James 5: 20) I love you and am proud of you and your works Dan. (Luke 3: 21-22)

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