Short Time with God this Morning

Today God I pray that You give me patience to be still. I know that You want my service, but more importantly You want my heart to be Your heart. Father You have blessed me with so many things, that I feel like if I don’t show You my appreciation outwardly, You won’t know it is there. I understand God that this is the human side of me. That “I/we” think if “I/we” don’t show our appreciation in one form or another to each other, the giver feels neglected or taken advantage of. Father God, I know that is not You! I just can’t always process that from my head to my heart. I pray today God that You lead me to wisdom and discernment to bless my wife with what she wants for me, not what I want for her. I pray that You provide me the strength to follow Your heart and not my own. Please God, guide me today as I do my best to by Your hands and feet to the world.

I pray all these things in Your Blessed Son’s Name – Jesus.


Sometimes Dan, letting others bless you is what makes me happy. (Genesis 27: 29) Working with me is as important as working for me, maybe even more so. Take time to be still and let the splendor of my creation fill you. (1 Chronicles 16:29) Don’t worry about giving back to me. You can’t earn my love, you can’t garner my favor. These are gifts I give to you freely; Love and Grace.  Accept them with an open heart and enjoy Our time together. (Acts 15: 11) The times We spend together are what make me the most pleased. (Romans 12:2)

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