Short Time with God this Morning

So I just gave a short version of an Isaiah 6 discussion enjoyed at my home last night in a post “We had God over for Dinner Last Night“. Because of my brain injury and memory issues, I just try to hit a few of the highlights and topics so I don’t skew or misrepresent what I believe to have been the main point of the discussion. Much much more info and many more verses were discussed, but this morning after prayer, this is what I believe God had to say to me.

You will never be able to walk My walk Dan, don’t try. You will only set yourself up as a hypocrite and open yourself up to judgement that the enemy is waiting to pounce all over you. (Luke 6: 39-42) Instead, walk as close to my walk as you possibly can. When you were in the pits with the vipers, did the “messengers” I sent your way impact you? (Psalms 36: 1-4) I have made many messengers, in many forms, from many backgrounds. This is not a mistake, I don’t make mistakes.(Matthew 13: 36-43)

If you imagine life as a track with lanes, some lanes are closer to the center than others. The inside lanes, lets say the runners in those lanes are closest to Me. Then as each lane gets farther from the inside of the track (Me), those runners are each a little farther from Me. All the lanes have runners and all those runners need to hear Me. Unfortunately the further you are from the center of the track (Me), the harder it is to hear My message. (Isaiah 57: 14-21)

I know that ALL the runners need – no – deserve My message. So every once in a while a hurdle will be placed in someones lane who is not near the center of the track. Some will know immediately that they need to do to get over that hurdle. (Romans 16: 17-19) Yet others will need to ask a neighboring runner how he or she got over the hurdle. Now My message is being spread, and that runner will hear My message and be running with Me, spreading the good news of My salvation.(Mark 1:40-45) 

Others will knock the hurdle over, go around, or even pick it up and throw it at another runner in an effort to pull him into a further lane, thus keeping him further from Me. The point is, the further people are from Me, the harder it is to believe or “buy-into” My message.  A person on an inside lane with no apparent hurdles is not always the best messenger for those outside lane runners. The runners in the farthest lanes are going over so many hurdles everyday, or have found ways to ignore or dismiss those hurdles because of their own power, they think they don’t need any help. It is then that I will put a hurdle so large, heavy, and immovable in their lane, that unless they ask for help, they will be doomed for eternity. (1 Corinthians 10)

Who do you think those outside lane people will have an easier time turning to help for? The guy they have seen go over some pretty large, heavy, and immovable hurdles, or the guy way over on the other side of the track stepping over what they see as speed bumps? Focus on Me Dan. I will do powerful and amazing things with you. Your job is not to move the hurdle for them Dan, your job is to tell them how I moved the hurdle for you. (2 Corinthians 12)

God please keep me focused on you. Help me to celebrate every aspect of my life with anyone and everyone that will listen. Let me explain how YOU have made all my joys, my sorrow’s, my victories, and my losses possible because of my unshakable faith in You. No matter if I am filled with unbearable pain or all encompassing happiness, these are all gifts of glory from You. All the earthly possessions I have are not mine, but gifts from You. They are “on loan” to me so that You can witness how I use Your gifts to glorify You. Please God, use me!


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