Short Time with God this Morning

So this morning I am laying in bed praying for God to help me find His time not mine in regards to this surgery and pain. I have a vacation planned to OBX in a few weeks with some very good family and friends, I want to be ready. As I lay there talking with God I find myself focusing on me, my needs, my wants. Please do this for me… please help me with this… please let me be better at this… Although I believe God wants us to share our desires, pains, and hopes, with Him; as any TRUE friend would, God wants us to TRUST Him. God’s plan for us is to mimic His life.

So I stopped whining/talking/praying (call it what you will) and just lay there thinking to myself “be still and listen”. (Job 37:14) It was about now that the message I received today was…

Dan, you are always in a hurry, slow down use this time I have given you wisely. (Ecclesiastes 9) I have give you a solid frame and strong body to do many things, but even the strongest bull must rest, if he is to do the next day’s work. One day in your time, is not the same as Mine. Trust Me – My time will tell you when you are ready to do the physical things on this earth that I have planned for you. (1 Peter 5:6-9) 

I believe that God WILL do great things through me. If my story helps turn even one man or women away from the enemy, that is the greatest victory! God wants all of us to be His children.

God help me to be your example in the world. To be the humble servant You were to not only the disciples, but all whom You encountered. I know I will be judged and second guessed because of my past, but that is what makes Your Grace and the Grace of the Holy Spirit so powerful. (2 Corinthians 12:9) Help me to always keep You at the center of my focus. With that accomplished, all else will fall into place.


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