I Believe in Miracles

On May 28th, 2015 I had surgery to remove three (3) discs from the cervical section of my spine and then have those four (4) vertebra fused together. The surgery went very well according to the doc and I went home on schedule. 10 days later, I felt I needed to be in church, so we loaded up the family and went. It is about a 20 minute drive. About half way there my pain really started to amp up. Being a strong willed, prideful person, I told my wife to just go to church, I’d be fine. Well I wasnt. 15 minuets into the worship service, I was in tears. Not just little; oh that’s sad tears, all out crying like my leg was being cut off tears. Friends around me said I looked pale as a ghost and were sure I was going to pass out from the pain. My wife looked at me and said “do you want to go”? I couldnt even talk from the pain and crying and nodded yes.

She drove us home and I took some pain meds and pretty much laid in bed the rest of the day, never really getting to any real level of comfort. Around 6:00 pm I started having real trouble breathing. I mean real trouble, and when I told my wife she said I looked horrible and took my temperature. It was 102.7. She immediately called my surgeon and he told her to take me to the hospital immediately. I spent the next 4 days there.

Upon arrival at the ER, the doc’s acted quickly to try and make me comfortable to the point where they could run a CT Scan on my lungs. The results returned very quickly. The ER doc said that both he and the radiologist saw blood clots (or pulmonary embolisms) in both my lungs. I was immediately admitted.

My wife being the best woman on the planet started notifying everyone she could think of. Family, Church Family, Friends, Aunt, Uncles, Cousins, Work Acquaintances, just about everyone in her phone. All answered back quickly that prayers were being said and they were telling their friends and so on to pray for me as well. I later found out that someone in all 50 states and a few military family and friends stationed around the globe were praying for me. Imagine that, the entire world praying for you. I was humbled beyond words.

The next morning the new shift radiologist and hospital doctor reviewed the CT Scan and said the test was inconclusive. They called in a pulmonary specialist who came to the same conclusion. (The image of the the German Symbol being “burned” off the storage box came into my head). At this point more tests were needed. ECG’s of my legs and heart, another CT Scan of my lungs, and some test called a VQ test of my lungs. All tests had the same result, unclear and inconclusive. I had not blood clots in my body.

I am sure people can put medical logic to this incident, and I support that. However, so many people praying for me, my pastor coming in and sharing communion with me, several church members coming in and praying with me, even 1 very close church member praying with me with both our hands on my chest asking God for his healing touch has me convinced – this was my miracle.

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