Short Time with God this Morning

This morning I was sitting in my hot tub out back. It was about 5:45 am and the day was just breaking. I could see four deer about 50 yards away and started thanking God for all his splendor and beauty. About then a teeny tiny humming-bird came and fluttered by a climbing shrub we have near the hot tub sucking nectar out of the little flowers. After about 15 seconds he seemed to get frustrated and flew over to the humming-bird feeder we have hung on the upper deck of our home. He spent almost a minute there to enjoy the sweet nectar that we put in the feeder. It was about this time that I really was awestruck by God!

He is so amazing! Even the very few insignificant things I had just witnessed over the course of 90 seconds, in a space as small as 50 square yards, He has complete control of.  Suddenly I felt ashamed and started apologizing for the shortcomings in my life when it comes to Him. I worry and stress over so much that I know I have no control over, yet He allows a sinner like myself to witness and watch His Glory unfold right in front of my eyes.

I started apologizing for not tithing like I should, for not spending as much time in the Word with Him as I should, and for not being a better spiritual leader in home life and church life, like I should. It was at this point I believe God said:

Dan, stop sweating the small stuff. You have just spent a very few seconds watching Me take care of creatures that aren’t even human, do you think they are any more important to Me than you are? (Matthew 6:26) You and I are new at this relationship, but in the times that you have surrendered to me, have I let you down? When you just let go and trusted me on 2 very specific issues that were super heavy on your heart, how did those work out for you? (1 Thessalonians 3:7-10) I know that you and Donna are not always the best with budgets, but do I let you suffer? I know that you both are trying, but until you step up and put your foot down, things won’t change. Dan, you HAVE TO TRUST ME!!(2 Corinthians 9:6-8) Get up a little earlier and read a devotional, listen to what I have to say, I WILL NOT STEER YOU WRONG!(Proverbs 3:5-6) I have given you great gifts of power and influence over others Dan.  I have given you an amazing gift for leadership and administration. Start using those gifts to lead, influence, and administer about Me to others.(1 Corinthians 3:7-9) You don’t have to do ANY OF THE HEAVY LIFTING Dan, all you have to do is focus on Me. Then once you have that focus, go tell others about how that focus has helped and changed you, I will do the rest in My Time, not yours.(Matthew 14:29-33)

I have had a few discussions like this with God, but it was about now, this very personal direction He has given me that I realized that I had to start documenting these instances. I am not good at this type of commitment (writing), so I am going to put my trust in Him in ALL things, financial, spiritual, family, and faith. I know if I can keep myself focused on Him, than I can act on His Will.

Great and Powerful God, Your Grace is Sufficient. Please keep me humble and weak so that I can find my strength and trust in you, not myself, idols, or objects. Be with not just me, but all your children today as we go out into the world to try and be an example of you to everyone we meet.


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