Dialogue with God

I am going to try to start being more diligent in my time with my Father God. My goal will be to post daily to this blog and just let the Lord lead my heart, mind, and hands to where He want them to be.

I have come across this idea via the book “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young.  I like the idea of not just me talking to God and telling him my problems, thoughts, feelings, needs, desires… you get the picture; but I want to learn to be a better LISTENER when God speaks to me. Sometimes in my head, I talk to myself as if God were physically sitting with me affirming my thoughts and feelings, scolding and correcting me for when I wonder away, or just hanging there telling me that He has me covered and I should trust Him more and better than I do.

So as I type this conversation I have with my Father God, I will just ramble as to what is on my heart and in my head. During times of monologue, either just myself talking or Him speaking to me, I will differentiate with font color.

So here We go….

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